Tech Dome Penang

Our Journey

Have a look at the highlights in our journey!


Our Journey

Have a look at the highlights in our journey!

Our Journey

A brief timeline showcase of how we got here!



Official Launch of “Magic of Science” Roadshows

Official launching of the "Magic of Science" roadshows

August 2014

9th of August in the year of 2014 marks the official launch of the “Magic of Science” roadshows. Tech Dome Penang Steering Committee Chairman, Dato’ Wong Siew Hai kickstarted the roadshow with his welcoming speech. Followed by Penang Tech Centre Berhad Director, YB Yap Soo Huey – 叶舒惠 addressing the audience and officially launching the roadshow. Various activities were conducted during the roadshow provided by SEAMEO RECSAM, INTI International University & Colleges, CR8 Penang, Mother Nature Science Learning Centre and Universiti Sains Malaysia Astronomy Club.


Meetings for the development of Tech Dome Penang

Meetings at KOMTAR, Geodesic Dome for the development of Tech Dome Penang

January 2015

Neville Petrie, CEO of Science Alive, New Zealand visits KOMTAR Geodesic Dome where Tech Dome Penang will be housed and had meetings with Hideo Nakano from SEAMEO-RECSAM to discuss about exhibits and  also a meeting with Goh Teng Lai, Managing Director of Dell, and his team. Meetings with Dr Chong Hon Yew of USM Astronomy Club and also the architects and building consultants were also conducted.

Discussions with Science Alive Exhibits Ltd 

Science Alive Exhibits Ltd. having a discussion for the fabrication and supplying of exhibits for Tech Dome Penang

May 2015

Penang Tech Centre Bhd has engaged Science Alive Exhibits Ltd to fabricate and supply ~100 interactive science exhibits for Tech Dome Penang. Science Alive! used to run a science centre of their own in Christchurch, New Zealand until the 2011 Canterbury earthquakes destroyed their building. Despite the loss of their science centre, they have been busy providing effective and innovative outreach programmes to schools and the community while planning for a new science centre.

Appreciation Dinner

May 2015

An appreciation dinner was held to thank our generous donors and sponsors that helped with making Tech Dome Penang a reality.

First Onsite Meeting with main contractor, architects, engineers and consultant in KOMTAR Geodesic Dome

August 2015

The first ever Site Meeting was held at the KOMTAR Geodesic Dome today with the main contractor, architects, engineers and consultants present. Construction work for Tech Dome Penang is underway!

Groundbreaking Ceremony

August 2015

Groundbreaking Ceremony was held on the 19th of August 2015 to kickstart the construction of Tech Dome Penang.  A video presentation of the 3D Layout of Tech Dome Penang was showcased during the ceremony.

Visit to Christchurch, New Zealand to check on the progress of the exhibits fabrication 

September 2015

Tech Dome Penang visited ScienceAlive at Christchurch, New Zealand to check on the updates and progress of the exhibits fabrication and also receive some training from ScienceAlive. Does this looks familiar? This is the original Vertical Drop Slide in Christchurch which is the same one Tech Dome Penang has now. Tech Dome Penang’s G-Drop is higher at 8m tall, would you dare to give it a try?

Construction works on the Mezzanine Floor

September 2015

Construction work on the mezzanine floor inside the Dome.  A mezzanine floor is created to increase the floor space for exhibits at Tech Dome Penang.

Construction work and renovation in KOMTAR Geodesic Dome

November 2015

Ongoing works in the KOMTAR Geodesic Dome. Renovations works is also ongoing in the annex building during this time.

“Magic of Science” Roadshows in Penang International Science Festival

November 2015

Tech Dome Penang was in attendance at the Penang International Science Festival. Attendees can interact with a humanoid robot, test their driving skills with a car simulator and enjoy hands-on science activities at our booth.

Meetings with Hüttinger Interactive Exhibitions for exhibits fabrication

December 2015

Penang Tech Centre Bhd in discussions with Hüttinger Interactive Exhibitions. Hüttinger Interactive Exhibitions fabricated and supplied 20 exhibits for Tech Dome Penang which is featured in the Robotics, Electromagnetism and Life Tech galleries. They were also involved in the early conceptual design for Tech Dome Penang. 

Tech Dome Penang’s last onsite meeting for the year 2015

December 2015

Final onsite meeting for the year of 2015. It has been a plentiful and busy year for Tech Dome Penang. The progress for the constructions and renovation at this stage is around 63% completed. 


Renovation works within the KOMTAR Geodesic Dome 

February 2016

In this stage, renovation works within the KOMTAR Geodesic Dome has been completed.

Construction of the cafe

March 2016

The cafe where visitors to Tech Dome Penang can grab a bite to eat or sip on some coffee, now known as Hungry Atom is constructed. Its location is placed strategically near the Exploration Zone and outdoor play area, so parents are able to sip their coffee while keeping an eye on the children.

GEMS International School participated in Tech Dome Penang’s educational programme pilots

April 2016

Students of GEM International School Penang visited Tech Dome Penang to participate in Tech Dome Penang’s educational programme pilot.

First Volunteer Day

April 2016

First ever Volunteer Day was held. Volunteers play an integral role in enhancing a visitor’s experience to Tech Dome Penang. Volunteers are required to go through briefing and training whether they volunteer as Navigators or Educators.

First arrival of the education exhibits

April 2016

The first of eight containers with over a 100 educational exhibits arriving at Tech Dome Penang. 

Glo-Walk 2016

May 2016

Glo-Walk 2016 was held at the Youth Park consisting of a 5km Fun Walk which is glow-in-the-dark themed. Face painting booths, Magic of Science show and also Zumba lessons were also conducted during the event.

Official Opening of Tech Dome Penang

July 2016

The 16th of July marks the official opening of Tech Dome Penang to the public. A Grand Opening Ceremony was also held beforehand which YB Lim Guan Eng took a visit to Tech Dome Penang for the opening.

Team Building Event

July 2016

A team building event being held in Tech Dome Penang. You can book a team building session in Tech Dome Penang from our website. We offer team building activities that are fully coordinated by Tech Dome Penang for companies and teams.

Visits from schools and orphanages from Chemor, Perak

August 2016

Tech Dome Penang was visited by several schools and orphanages all the way from Chemor, Perak. They had a lot of fun visiting the education exhibits and galleries of Tech Dome Penang. 

Japanese Technology Weekend 2016

September 2016

The first Japanese Technology Weekend was held in Tech Dome Penang.  Murata’s Robot Cheerleaders were on full display as they dance in synchrony for visitors. Visitors were able to participate in hands-on science toys activities made from everyday household items with Mr Hideo Nakano and also discover how Toray uses carbon fibre to enable an aircraft to fly and learn how noise cancellation works with Sony. There were also many activities conducted like Geometric Origami, Traditional Pachinko, Superball/Goldfish Scooping, Japanese Bakery, Yukata Dressing, Nagashi-somen and handmade Matcha ice-cream!

3D Printing Workshop at Tech Dome Penang

September 2016

A 3D printing workshop was held at Tech Dome Penang conducted by 3D Revolver. The participants left with not only having a better knowledge of 3D printing but also a free 3D printed gift.

Shooting for Penang Global Tourism’s upcoming promotional video

October 2016

Penang Global Tourism was at Tech Dome Penang to shoot scenes for their promotional video.

Launching of PIXO Observatory

December 2016

The launching of the PIXO Observatory was attended by the Ministry of Tourism & Culture. The first ever Introductory Astronomy course was conducted by the Astronomical Society of Penang at the PIXO Observatory at Tech Dome Penang.


Women in Zcience 2017

March 2017

Over 250 participants attended the various activities that were conducted at Women in Zcience 2017. The event spanned over the course of 3 days with workshops such as Genuino 101, Astronomy – Science and Aerodynamics, Creative Problem-Solving using ‘TRIZ’ and also a Begineer’s Guide to Game Development. A STEM Quiz was also in session at Women in Zcience 2017.

One Man Star Wars Trilogy

March 2017

Attendees is able to meet Darth Vader and his stormtroopers in person during the One Man Star Wars Trilogy at Tech Dome Penang!

Launching of Creative Corner at Tech Dome Penang

March 2017

The launch of the Creative Corner @ Tech Dome Penang by the Yang di-Pertua Negeri of Penang, Tun Dato’ Seri Utama (Dr.) Haji Abdul Rahman bin Haji Abbas. The Creative Corner, a collaboration between the Penang State Library, Whyte House Education Group, Kiwanis Penang and Tech Dome Penang, is an area for children below 5 years old to discover science through hands-on activities.

Dr Balloon’s Science Adventure 

May 2017

Rebecca Kitter came all the way from UK to perform a full UK science theater production titled Dr Balloon’s Science Adventure at Tech Dome Penang. 

Glo-Walk 2017

July 2017

Glo-Walk is back again in 2017 with participants lighting up the night at Youth Park in Botanical Gardens. Face painting sessions and Zumba lessons also took place during Glo-Walk 2017.

Tech Dome Penang becomes a part of Penang’s STEM 4.0 initiative

July 2017

Tech Dome Penang becomes a part of Penang’s state government initiative to make Penang the centre of excellence for science and technology! Tech Dome Penang is part of Penang’s STEM 4.0 plan to cultivate and inspire the youth about Science and Technology.

1st Anniversary of Tech Dome Penang

July 2017

It’s been a year since Tech Dome Penang opened its doors. During our 1st year anniversary, free workshops was conducted for primary students, secondary students and kindergarten.

Japanese Technology Weekend 2017

August 2017

The audience were able to watch the Murata Cheerleaders perform, dress up in a Yukata, learn Kirigami, attend a workshop by Canon on “Key Features on Stills”, experience the Sony Shake Wall, learn to make slime and also watch Mt. Fuji erupt. There were Renesas’s heartbeat controlled car and also singing plant! Children were also able to join a workshop to see how air moves in a pattern.

Invention Exhibition 2017 

October 2017

Invention Exhibition 2017 was the first international exhibit for Tech Dome Penang, coming all the way from Kaoshiung, Taiwan! There are a total of 6 zones that are set up during the Invention Exhibition and also workshops conducted like STEAM Electronics, DIY workshops and TRIZ workshops. 

First Batch of the Student Exchange Program going to Bangkok

November 2017

The first batch of Penang students going to Bangkok for a 15 day STEM and Entrepreneurship student exchange program. Apart from STEM activities which include construction of an amusement park model using physical principles, they will also get to visit many interesting places including the Klong Khone Mangrove Forest, the King Mongkut Institute of Technology, the Mahanakorn University of Technology for a Digital Art workshop, Suvarnabhumi Market and the Royal Chitralada Projects among others.

Penang International Science Fair 2017 at Penang SPICE 

November 2017

Tech Dome Penang was at the Penang International Science Fair in 2017 at Penang SPICE. Free workshops like Magical Aircraft and Conductive Paint were conducted at the event.


Official Launch for Whytehouse Playgroup at Tech Dome Penang

January 2018

Whytehouse Playgroup is officially launched at Tech Dome Penang. It is a 2-hour creative learning programme for parents, caregivers and children of age 2 to age 4. Children will participate in creative learning activities relating to Science, Sensory, Music & Movement, Language, Art & Craft, Physical Activities and Painting.

A delegation by Mr Bradley A.Hurst, Counselor for Public Affairs, from the US Embassy Malaysia

March 2018

Tech Dome Penang hosted a delegation headed by Mr. Bradley A. Hurst, Counselor for Public Affairs, from the US embassy Malaysia. Both parties are exploring opportunities for cooperation in areas of education and STEM!

Women in Zcience 2018

March 2018

Women in Zcience was held in Tech Dome Penang from 27 to 28 March 2018 for a second year in a row.

Minggu Sains Negara 2018 at Tech Dome Penang

April 2018

Minggu Sains Negara 2018 at Tech Dome Penang was officiated by TYT Tun Dato’ Seri Utama (Dr) Haji Abdul Rahman bin Haji Abbas. Students and attendees were able to participate in science activities from the various booths set up by NIBM-IPharm, Jabatan Kimia, Penang Science Cluster, Penang Digital Library and of course, Tech Dome Penang!

Students Exchange Camp of Technology 2018

June 2018

The first group of students for the Students Exchange Camp of Technology for a 1 week program at Tech Dome Penang and the Habitat has arrived. Together with the students is the Director General himself Dr. Chen Shiunn-Shyang. This program is conducted in collaboration with the Taiwan National Science and Technology Museum (國立科學工藝博物館), the Penang Youth Development Corporation and Tech Dome Penang.

Sean Lee Kuan Shern, Exhibits and Education Manager was awarded the Formosa Fellowship by ASPAC

July 2018

We are very proud that Sean Lee Kuan Shern, our Exhibits and Education Manager has been awarded the Formosa Fellowship by ASPAC (Asia Pacific Network of Science and Technology Centres). This fellowship comes with an all expense trip to Taipei to attend the ASPAC 2018 conference in September 2018 where Sean presented a paper.

Glo-Walk 2018

July 2018

GLO-Walk 2018 was the highlight of Tech Dome Penang’s organised activities. Held in conjunction with Tech Dome’s 2nd anniversary, it was a blast with over 1500 participants gathering at Youth Park. Apart from the walk, we also had booth activities comprising of face painting, glow-jewelry, games, and most importantly, FUN!

Magic of Science Roadshows 2018

August 2018

This year’s Magic of Science Roadshows was conducted in Gurney Plaza. Among the activities conducted were science shows, hands-on workshops and also interesting science activities.

Space Exploration Gallery and Symposium 2018

August 2018

The space exploration gallery was launched in August 2018 along with a symposium for the public covering topics of great interest about The Malaysian Space Program by Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Sabirin Arshad who is the CEO of Astronautic Technology (M) Sdn Bhd and also a talk about Building Space Power to Realise the Chinese Dream by Ms Zhou Wu, researcher from the China Centre for Aerospace and Technology Corporation, Beijing.

National ECCE (Early Childhood, Care and Education) Week

October 2018

Tech Dome hosted the National ECCE (Early Childhood, Care and Education) Week in 2018. Apart from one day of forums and workshops, participants were treated to a special performance by kids from Whytehouse Education and also students from Thailand on an exchange program at Tech Dome Penang. On the second day, about 200 parents and their children participated in the science walk at the Penang Botanical Garden.

Launching of the Science Rover at Penang Public Library

November 2018

Tech Dome Penang was the Penang Public Library to launch our Science Rover. This event was graced by the presence of YB Prof. Dr. Ramasamy, DCM2 of Penang. The Science Rover is an initiative in collaboration with the Penang State Library where science programs will be brought to students.

STEAM-X Student Exchange Program in Taipei, Taiwan

December 2018

The STEAM-X program in Taipei is a joint effort by Tech Dome Penang in partnership with the Penang Youth Development Corporation and also NTSEC. As in all our overseas program, STEAM-X encompasses elements of science & technology, culture and entrepreneurship. In the past year or so, our overseas placement program has sent about 100 Malaysian students to Bangkok, Taipei and Kaohsiung.


Tech Dome Penang visiting CEMACS, the Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies

January 2019

Tech Dome Penang had the opportunity to visit CEMACS, the Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies hosted by Prof Dato’ Aileen Tan. The purpose of the visit is to partner with CEMACS to introduce Marine Science into Tech Dome Penang’s student tour and exchange program. CEMACS is a world renown center under USM pioneering world class research on marine biology.

CNY Celebrations in Tech Dome Penang

February 2019

Tech Dome Penang celebrated Chinese New Year with YB Yeoh Soon Hin, YB Chris Lee Chun Kit, Dato’ lr KK Lim, Mr LH Ang and Ms Jenny Lee gracing the event. Idealite, McDonald’s and also Whytehouse sponsored the event for providing Yee Sang and Happy Meal for our young friends from SJKC Kong Min (Cawangan 2), SJKC Tong Sian and SK Francis Light. 

Glo-Walk 2019

May 2019

Another year, another successful Glo-Walk event for Tech Dome Penang! Even rain could not dampen the spirit of our participants. The participants were energetic and created an amazing atmosphere . With the help of our sponsors, our event was spiced up and exciting with prizes for the participants.

A talk from Dr. Charles Bolden, former NASA Astronaut

June 2019

An inspiring talk was given by General Charles Frank Bolden Jr., Naval Aviator, Astronaut and also the first African American NASA administrator. General Bolden flew 4 Space Shuttle missions for 680 hours in space and has many stories to tell of his experiences. 

Robomania and Symposium 2019

June 2019

314 teams, 628 participants were in attendance at the Robomania 2019 robotics competition. Robomania 2019 is a robotics event which is recognized by the Malaysia Book of Records as “The Most Number of Participation in a Robotic Interactive Learning Event”. Eight speakers of various expertise from different institutions gave presentations on the topic of “4th Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0).

Imaging the Black Hole

July 2019

Dr. Kevin Koay Jun Yi was at Tech Dome Penang to give a talk about the first black hole image on 31 July 2019.

Tech Dome Penang is now a certified green building

June 2019

Tech Dome Penang has fulfilled all the requirements for the Green Building Index Certification. Our building was officially certified green!

Japan Technology & Culture Weekend 2019

September 2019

For this year’s Japanese Technology & Culture Weekend, we had a total of 13 partners and supporters who are passionate in promoting the trendy Japanese technologies and the beautiful Japanese cultures in Tech Dome Penang.

Tech Dome Penang becomes part of Port Klang’s Free Zone(PKFZ) Redevelopment plans

October 2019

Tech Dome Penang are officially part of the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ)’s redevelopment plans for its commercial area. The former CEO of Tech Dome Penang, Dr. Khong Yoon Loong said Tech Dome Penang would help with the development of maritime theme science centre. 

 ESTECC Education in Schools program

November 2019

Tech Dome Penang was tasked by MESTECC (Ministry of Energy, Science & Technology, Environment and Climate Change) via Yayasan Hijau to perform the ESTECC Education in Schools programs in the states of Penang, Kedah and Perlis. There were a total of six travelling exhibits which were constructed to bring hands-on science to more than 100,000 students in more than 150 schools. 

The Aussie Science Experience

December 2019

3 orphanage homes were present at Tech Dome Penang to watch and experience the Aussie Science Experience show. This trip was supported and sponsored by YB Dr. Hajah Norlela Ariffin, ADUN Penanti, Kiwanis Penang Central and Kok Construction. 

Digital Innovation Network

December 2019

The launching ceremony of Digital Innovation Network was held on 7th December 2019 at Tech Dome Penang with attendance from both the public and private sector. Digital Innovation Network (DIN) is a private-public partnership initiated by Tech Dome Penang which is inline with the Penang state government to set up a unit called Digital Penang to spearhead the growth of the state’s digital initiatives through the Digital Transformation Plan. 

Annual Solar Eclipse event at Tech Dome Penang 

December 2019

The annual solar eclipse was held at Tech Dome Penang where attendees were able to observe the eclipse with their ears, watch sightings from other parts of Malaysia and understand how the telescope works and other solar eclipse activities. 


First episode of Science@Home Released

May 2020

The very first episode of Science@Home was released in May of 2020. The episode was released on Tech Dome Penang’s official YouTube channel where new episodes are released weekly every Tuesday.

Official Launch of Tadika Whytehouse in Tech Dome Penang

September 2020

Tadika Whytehouse is officially launched in Tech Dome Penang which is Penang’s first tadika in a science centre, focusing on STEM education! YAB Tuan Chow Kon Yeow, Chief Minister of Penang and Y.Bhg Puan Lee Kee graced the launching ceremony. The event was also attended by YB Chong Eng, Exco for Social Development & Non-Islamic Religious Affairs. Parents were also invited to join this momentous program.

Robomania 2020 

As society was impacted by Covid-19, Robomania 2020 was hosted online this time around on our official YouTube channel.